Bulk Listing Program for Amazon Sellers

How to List, Label, and Ship Over 100 Items Per Hour into Amazon FBA

What is ScanLister?

ScanLister is a desktop application that allows you to list items quickly into Amazon (FBA or Merchant Fulfilled).  Just grade the condition of the item and scan the barcode.  The rest of the work can be automated.  The shipping, storage, and customer service can be done by Fulfillment by Amazon.  The pricing and repricing can be done by a 3rd-party repricing service.  The labeling can be done by Amazon or you can choose to label the items yourself.


  • ScanLister works with Books, Media, and any other Category on Amazon
  • Available for Windows and Mac users
  • Works for Amazon US, Canada, France, Germany, and UK Marketplaces.

  • ScanLister has it's own Box Content software.  You can either print 2D barcodes and place on each box, or you can easily upload a packlist file.  See the tutorial page for video demonstrations.
  • Ability to print FBA labels on a Dymo printer after the shipment is complete.  You can also convert the 30-up PDF labels and print those on a Dymo printer as well.
  • Integration with Caleb Roth's Tracking Spreadsheet

Video Demo


"In case anyone’s interested, I jumped on the Scan Lister bandwagon and love it. It’s saved me hours in the last week. I was listing manually on Amazon’s website, and that took a lot of time."

- Comment from Cynthia Stine's Blog

"By the way Ur software is simple and effective. Easier than XXXXXXX. 5 stars!"

- Jose R.

" I think you’ve got a winner here.  [ScanLister] is simple and focused and addresses a particular need."

- Cynthia Stine, Author of Make Thousands on Amazon in 10 Hours a Week!

"Purchased ScanLister while out of town two days ago. Used it last night. I love it. Been waiting for something like this...thanks so much."

- Ed G.

"Thank you so much for sharing this software with us.   It saves me tons and tons of time and money.   I feel this is a great investment."

- Chris W.

"I scanned 20 books so fast I have whiplash!"

- Chris H.

"As far as I know you have the best product on the market for bulk book listing."

- Bryan from Minnesota

Two Payment Options:  Subscription or Purchase

Each Option Includes Software + 5 License Keys + Private FaceBook Group

Option #1:  Subscription

$19 Per Month

 14-Day Free Trial

Cancel Anytime

Option #2:  Purchase

$299 One Time Payment

Free Updates for Life

30 Day Money Back Guarantee