A Shipping Plan is Amazon’s proposed plan for splitting your inventory between fulfillment centers.  A shipping plan is automatically generated by using the send/replenish button on the Manage Inventory screen of Seller Central.  You have the option of accepting the shipping plan or cancelling it.  There is no penalty for cancelling a shipping plan.

With ScanLister, You can easily create shipping plans in bulk (up to 2000 SKUs), and you can add items to an existing shipping plan.  

To view a shipping plan in your Amazon Seller Central account, go to Inventory – Manage FBA Shipments – Shipping Plans.


A Shipment, on the other hand, is created when you accept a shipping plan.  Sometimes a shipping plan will create multiple shipments.  At this point, you are committed to following through with each of the shipments indicated.  Although shipments can be cancelled, this should only be a last resort, since Amazon does penalize sellers who repeatedly cancel shipments.

You can view your shipments by going to your Amazon Seller Central account.  Go to Inventory – Manage FBA Shipments.