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ScanLister is an Amazon listing software that allows you to list books or any other product quickly and easily.  ScanLister is the only listing app that downloads directly on your computer (Mac or PC).   As a result, this creates faster listing speeds compared to the slower and more expensive web-based competitors.  Save hundreds of hours a month by scanning your Merchant Fulfilled or FBA products.  We offer box content solutions, bulk listing, automatic pricing, profit calculator, merchant fulfilled ticketing, and much more!  ScanLister works on Amazon US, CA, UK, IT, DE, FR, ES, and AU.



Check and Approve Restricted Products – Not only will it show if an item is restricted, but you can request approval during the listing process.


Detailed Listing Workflow – Price and Grade each item as you list.  Complete with MF and FBA calculator, and Lowest five MF and FBA offers.


Thermal Printer Capability – Print FBA labels or Merchant Fulfilled Tickets on Dymo, Zebra, Brother, Rollo, or Star printer.  


Ability to Customize the SKU Number – ​Automatically add the Date, Cost, Supplier, Rank, Price, MF Ticket Number and/or Condition.


Scan and Label Mode – Print the FBA label after each Scan.  Then easily create an FBA Shipment.                       


Box Content Solutions –  Print 2D barcodes or Upload a Pack List File.                                                                         


Replenishment – Easily relist FBA or Merchant Fulfilled items using a previously used SKU number.                       


Print Tickets for Merchant Fulfilled Sellers – Easily Retrieve your Book/Item on the Bookshelf with your Custom Ticket Number.


“In case anyone’s interested, I jumped on the ScanLister bandwagon and love it. It’s saved me hours in the last week. I was listing manually on Amazon’s website, and that took a lot of time.”


Comment from Cynthia Stine’s Blog

“By the way Ur software is simple and effective. Easier than XXXXXXX. 5 stars!”


Jose R.

” I think you’ve got a winner here. [ScanLister] is simple and focused and addresses a particular need.”

Cynthia Stine, Author of Make Thousands on Amazon in 10 Hours a Week!

“Purchased ScanLister while out of town two days ago. Used it last night. I love it. Been waiting for something like this…thanks so much.”

Ed G.

“Thank you so much for sharing this software with us. It saves me tons and tons of time and money. I feel this is a great investment.”

Chris W.

“I scanned 20 books so fast I have whiplash!”

Chris H.

“As far as I know you have the best product on the market for bulk book listing.”

Bryan from Minnesota.


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